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20 years of Thermomix® in Canada!

In May 2019, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary in Canada! It was in 1999 that we received our first Thermomix order in Québec City.

There has been a lot of recipes for the last 20 years! Tell us your Top 3 Canadian recipes in the comment section below!

The Thermomix® in Canada Recipe Collection

  1. 50 recipes from our Home and Native Land
  2. Cooking classes recipes
  3. Steam Cooking with my Varoma, Part 1
  4. Steam Cooking with my Varoma, Part 2
  5. Recipe of the week (on our Facebook page/
  6. A World of Surprising Recipes
  7. The Smart Guide

3 thoughts on “20 years of Thermomix® in Canada!

  1. Monica Chu says:

    Recipe of the week
    A world of Surprising Recipes
    The smart Guide

  2. N Sloan says:

    . . . and to celebrate will we (finally) have Cookidoo and online recipes?

    1. Administratrice says:

      Hi there,
      Thank you for your comment! The Cook-Key/Cookidoo is in the works.

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