Apple Juice


Apple Juice
14 mins
20 mins
Portions / Servings: 1 litre
Auteur: Fannélie Stammégna, Importations Nobelhaus Inc.
  • 1 Kg water
  • 500 g apples peeled and in pieces
  • 90/100 g sugar or maple syrup
  • 1 lemon juice only
  1. Place water and sugar in the bowl. Heat 10 min/90°/speed 2.

  2. Add peeled and chopped apples and lemon juice. Mix 1 min/speed 10 then heat again 3 min/ 75°/speed 1.

  3. Bottle and refrigerate the lukewarm juice once.
  • You can try this recipe with ripe pears or an apple / pear mixture.
  • Pasteurization: At a temperature of 68 °C, yeasts responsible for fermentation are eradicated and, in theory, it would not be necessary to heat more but it is commonly accepted that the rise of the juice to 75 °C represents the compromise ideal between preserving and preserving tastes and vitamins. A higher temperature would result in the loss of taste and nutritional qualities (taste of compote).

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