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Black Forest Jam


Black Forest Jam
32 mins
8 mins
40 mins
Portions / Servings: 3 x 250 g
Auteur: Fannélie Stammégna
  • 150 g dark chocolate pistoles 70 or 72%
  • 600 g frozen thawed cherries
  • 50 g fresh or thawed cranberries
  • 400 g of sugar
  • 50 g of lemon juice about 1 lemon
  • 30 to 50 g of Kirsh to taste
  1. Put chocolate in mixing bowl. Pulverize 10 sec / speed 10. Reserve.
  2. Put cherries and cranberries in the mixing bowl without washing them, and add sugar and lemon juice. Blend 5 sec / speed 5 then cook 30 min / 120° / reverse/ speed 1 without the measuring cup to let evaporate but with the splash guard cover over it to avoid projections.
  3. At the tone, add the reserved chocolate and the Kirsh into the mixing bowl. Mix 10 sec /reverse/speed 2 and put in jars.

  • Can be kept in the fridge for 2 months when unopened and 3 weeks when opened.
  • Use: To give a festive taste to morning toasts; on waffles or pancakes; to garnish two white cakes; to cover a chocolate cake; to put between two cookies or two shells of macaroons; to garnish a chocolate sponge cake and make a rolled log, etc.

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