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Peanut butter


Peanut Butter
2 mins
2 mins
Portions / Servings: 700 g
Auteur: Fannelie Stammegna, Importations Nobelhaus Inc.
  • 700 g roasted peanuts with honey or plain unsalted
  1. Put peanuts into mixing bowl. Mix 1 min / speed 10.
  2. Scrape down sides of mixing bowl and mix 1 min / speed 10.
  • This peanut butter will keep for about 15 days in the pantry. It can be refrigerated to keep for 1 to 2 months but it will become harder.
  • You can flavour your peanut butter by adding cinnamon, spices, vanilla or coffee extract or even cocoa powder in step 2.
  • You can even roast the peanuts. You will need to take unsalted plain unsalted peanuts, mix them with 3 tablespoons of Thermomix vanilla sugar and bake them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes at 185°F. Let cool and then resume from step 1.
  • The peanuts will go through different stages during this 2 min. First crushed, then grounded into a fine powder, a paste will start to form, then a thicker paste and finally a smooth and creamy paste. It is due the friction and therefore heat that will gradually allow the peanut to bring out its fat and evolve to the desired consistency.

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